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Home Improvement & Construction Services

Every home needs a fix. Whether it’s replacing old windows, roofing repairs, adding a sunroom, or refinishing a basement, that project on your list needs to be completed. Looking for a trusted general contractor to hire in the Sussex, NJ, area? Tom Madsen LLC has both experience and professionalism, which means you can expect the best and receive even better. Contact us at (973) 875-9716 to receive a no-obligation quote on any construction, home improvement, or fire damage restoration service.

Home Improvement Construction


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Siding, Doors and Roofing Installation


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Residential Home Improvement Services

Updating your home means more than just slapping on some new paint and calling it a day. At Tom Madsen, we take home improvement to a new level. Some of the services we offer to clients in the Sussex, New Jersey, area include the following:


Homeowners typically only acknowledge a roof when problems arise. Leaks, torn-off shingles, holes due to hail or fallen limbs — your roof is the first layer of protection, so these problems can become catastrophic if not taken care of promptly. We do all roofing, including entire re-installations and simple repairs, so you can live as if there were no problem at all.

Window Replacement

Windows serve a purpose other than to allow sunlight in and to keep the daydreamer mesmerized. They also help to insulate and moderate temperatures inside the home. If you feel a draft in the winter, or it seems as if the air conditioner is running nonstop in the summer, you may have drafty windows. We can assess and replace any windows with newer, energy-efficient models, saving you money in the years to come.

Siding Installation

Known more for its appearance than its function, siding isn’t limited to its looks. Quality siding can withstand violent windstorms, hail, rain, ice, and just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Keep your home’s structure protected year round with vinyl siding that can’t be beat.

Door Installation

To the layperson, a door is a door. To us, a door is the entrance to both a home and a heart of a family. Whether your front entrance is void of character or you need a new French door for your family room, we can help with your improvements.

Quality Construction by Trusted General Contractors

Exterior improvements are of course important and necessary, but it’s not often you get to utilize them for personal enjoyment. At Tom Madsen LLC, we’re all for crafting a space our clients can enjoy for years to come. As general contractors, we build and refinish home additions, sunrooms, basements, and decks and patios. After all, your house is the one place where comfort is expected, and we’ll do what it takes to achieve that for you.

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About Tom Madsen

I began serving Sussex County, New Jersey, in 1977, and was strictly a window replacement and siding contractor. Some years later, I took the chance and began to expand my company’s services to better serve our clients. We soon became general contractors that worked on everything from fire damage restoration to home additions and roofing. Today, we’ve become one of the area’s most successful, local construction companies in Sussex, and we strive to enhance our customers’ homes and lives.

In addition to being a local contractor, I am also a member of the following associations:

I work to exceed all expectations and standards when our crew tackles a project. If you’d like to receive a free quote, contact our office at (973) 875-9716 today, and let me introduce myself and my team. We serve all of Sussex, Vernon, Franklin, and surrounding areas of New Jersey.