Sunroom Construction

Think of a sunroom as a bonus area, where distractions are minimal, and the fresh air revitalizes your spirit. At Tom Madsen LLC, we specialize in creating the screened-in sunroom that will offer both serenity and some much needed living space. If you live in the Sussex, NJ, area, including Vernon or Franklin, let us give you yet another place to relax in your home. Contact us at (973) 875-9716 today to discuss our construction options and receive a no-obligation estimate.

Sunroom Ideas

Not all sunrooms are built the same, nor should they be. Depending on location, amount of sun, and the land or space available, a sunroom can be as large as a small home or as tiny as a large closet. But adding that living space can do wonders, especially if it gives unimpeded access to the outdoors. Take a look at some of these sunroom designs to get an idea of what you’d like. Because relaxation is the name of the game when it comes to sunroom additions, the design and its functionality is all up to you. We’re just the ones to make your dream a reality.

As trusted contractors, we treat all sunrooms as extensions of your home, not separate areas. There should be a sense of continuity when moving from outside to inside, and inside to outside. Enjoy the sunlight, breeze, and the ability to have a quiet evening under the stars sans mosquitos.

Ready to Relax in Your Own Sunroom?

Add a Sunroom to Your Home

If you’re ready to revamp your home with a sunroom or porch enclosure, contact us at (973) 875-9716 to receive a free quote. We offer the entire Sussex, New Jersey, area services that include building sunrooms, decks and patios, and home additions, as well as refinishing basements, performing home improvements, and restoring homes after a fire.

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