The 5 Types of House Additions

A house addition is about as custom as home improvement projects come. House additions aren’t one-size-fits-all construction jobs, so it should be no surprise that additions vary in size and functionality. From the expecting mother who needs a nursery to the budding horticulturist who desires a place to cultivate plants, a house addition is the solution to a homeowner’s quest for more space.

At Tom Madsen LLC, our home builders bring their expertise and years of experience to every project. Our general contractors aren’t just skilled at one type of house addition either; we can build the following additions on your NJ property:

  1. Room addition: A room addition is when an entire new room is added to the house. Whether you want an elegant dining space or cozy family room, this addition will give you closure that your house is finally complete.
  2. Bump out: If you don’t need a full-sized room addition, a “bump out” might be the perfect option. A bump out is an enhancement to an existing room, such as adding more square feet to a kitchen or creating a plush walk-in closet.
  3. Sun room: For the homeowner who wants a versatile space for relaxing alone or enjoying company, a sun room is a popular house addition. With its range of style options, a sun room is an area that you can easily customize and tweak to your liking.
  4. Conservatory: Featuring an array of windows, a conservatory is like the cousin of the sun room. Conservatories differ from sun rooms in that they have glass ceilings, so the plants can reap the benefits of the greenhouse effect.
  5. Garage or attic conversion: Transforming a garage or attic into a general living space takes more creativity and ingenuity compared to other home additions, but our home builders are able to make your vision a reality.

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