Fire Restoration: Recovering from the Unexpected

No one plans on having a house fire. No matter how big or small, a house fire can wreak havoc on your home, furniture, clothes, and much more. You may be overwhelmed when surveying the damage, not knowing where to start. The best bet for many families is to work directly with a fire restoration expert.

A professional fire restoration contractor knows that time is of the essence. Delaying your fire restoration projects can cause further damage to your home. You want to make sure you choose a fire restoration contractor who is familiar with what to assess and how to make your home safe again. You also want a general contractor who can work closely with your insurance company, so you don’t end up paying more out of pocket than necessary.

Having a house fire usually leaves you feeling uncertain. Tom Madsen LLC’s general contractors want to take the home fire-restoration burden from you so you can focus on taking care of you and your family. Tom Madsen LLC of Sussex, NJ has 30 years of general contracting experience in Sussex County, NJ.

Our company works hard with its fire restoration projects to get families back into their homes as soon as possible, while making sure all repairs are done with the best quality and customer service. We specialize in various home improvements, including new window installations, siding, new door installations, and more, which means we can take care of your fire restoration from start to finish.

If you find yourself in need of home fire-restoration services, contact Tom Madsen LLC at (973) 875-9716. We will work quickly and efficiently to get your home repaired so you can go back to life as you knew it. Don’t wait until damages get worse. Call Tom Madsen LLC today.