Home Improvement Tips: 3 Sneaky Culprits behind a Drafty Home

When it comes to improving your Sussex residence, many projects may come to mind, but there’s one common issue that many homeowners face- chilly drafts. If you’ve ever wondered why your home feels chillier than it should, it might not be your imagination. The home improvement experts at Tom Madsen LLC have found three surprising culprits behind a drafty home. Addressing these issues can warm you up and save you money in the long run.

Tom Madsen LLC Sussex Home Improvement

1. Goodbye Chills, Hello Energy-Efficient Windows

Sussex winters can be unforgiving, and sometimes, the cool draft you feel isn’t just in your head, especially if you live in an older home. Outdated or improperly installed windows are often culprits for letting the cold creep inside. It’s time to consider replacing those old windows with energy-efficient ones.

New windows offer more than just a protected view of your backyard. They can better insulate your home, helping to maintain a consistent indoor temperature and lowering your monthly energy bills. High-quality window replacement can save you hundreds of dollars each year, eventually paying for themselves. If you want to make your home warmer and more energy-efficient, upgrading your windows is a fantastic place to start.

2. Don’t Forget Your Old Siding

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming nature of siding—it plays a critical role in your home’s overall comfort and protection. Let’s be honest. Siding replacement may not be the most glamorous home improvement project. Still, it’s a silent hero for insulating your home, protecting it from the elements, and preventing insect infestations. Siding can add a new look to your property, making your home stand out on the block while quietly helping you save money on heating bills.

3. Roof Replacement to Dodge the Draft

Your roof is more than just a shelter; it’s a key player in keeping your home warm and cozy. Alongside the insulation in your attic, your roof helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment by keeping the warmth in and the cold out. However, not all roofs are created equal.

Having a roof is one thing, but having a high-quality roof can be the difference between frequent repairs and lifelong durability. At Tom Madsen LLC, we use only the highest quality roofing materials for our projects. A well-maintained and top-notch roof can make a significant difference in your comfort, energy savings, and the longevity of your home.

The quest for a draft-free, energy-efficient home can begin with addressing these three sneaky culprits. If you’re unsure how to rid yourself of the chill in your home, we can help. To request a quote for home improvement for your Sussex home, contact Tom Madsen LLC online or at (973) 875-9716 today, and we’ll help you say goodbye to the chills and hello to a warmer and more energy-efficient home.