3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Aging Windows

If you’ve completed home improvement projects in the past, you know that there are some upgrades that go unnoticed, and some that make a big impact. One project that may not seem very impactful is replacing your old drafty windows with newer, upgraded windows. Because while you might not notice newer windows in a home, you certainly notice when they are old, cracked, and drafty. If you aren’t sure if new windows should be your next project, check out this list of signs that are often missed and are good indicators that it’s time to replace your windows put together by your friends at Tom Madsen LLC.

3 Signs You Need New Windows

1. They Never Look Clean

Cleaning your windows might not be your favorite chore, but it certainly shouldn’t be your most difficult. In fact, cleaning your windows shouldn’t take more than a few minutes out of your day. If you find instead, that you’re struggling to clean them, and even after your efforts they aren’t crystal clear, it may be time to replace them. Years of use can produce water damage or permanent stains that won’t come off with a typical household cleaner, leaving your windows looking dirty and grimy at all times.

2. Your Energy Bill Is on the Rise

This month, when your energy bill comes, read it closely and see if it’s slowly going up. Without you realizing it, your windows could be letting in drafts, making your heating and air conditioner work harder to maintain your desired temperature. In fact, studies show that faulty windows can lead to a 25% to 30% higher monthly heating cost! Your windows should keep warm air in, and cold air out!

3. You’re Planning a Renovation

Sometimes, your windows might not be in the worst shape, but it just makes sense to replace them along with a major renovation project. You can use the opportunity to inspect and upgrade your windows while you already have a general contractor and his crew at your house. Chances are, you’ll need new windows sooner rather than later anyway, and this way, they’ll match the other upgrades you plan to complete.

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