3 Signs You Need a New Siding Installation

A new siding installation is one of the simplest methods to fully remodel and enhance the appearance of your home. Your home can become trendy and eye-catching with new siding, replacing its worn-out and antiquated exterior. If your home is older or has been damaged by nature, it’s a good idea to contact a professional siding contractor like Tom Madsen LLC. Continue reading to learn more about the signs you need new siding.

3 Signs You Need a New Siding Installation

Damage From Storms

Storms with high winds may cause hail damage. Hail can be blown at an angle into vinyl by strong winds, causing dents, chips, and cracks. Even though a few dents here and there are unsightly, they often won’t cause moisture damage. However, chips and fissures can let water into the underlying structure. Check your home frequently for signs of chipping and cracking.

Damage From Time

You may have noticed that homes from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s had vinyl siding that would bubble or blister. This gives the home a poor appearance, which is one of the things that deter some people from using vinyl for their homes. But it’s crucial to distinguish vintage vinyl from its contemporary equivalent. The vinyl used today is more resilient to adverse weather conditions and temperature changes. Vinyl produced in previous decades could not resist a scorching sun or below-freezing conditions. Fortunately, vinyl produced today can still look brand-new after decades thanks to sophisticated manufacturing methods and materials. It’s essential to replace the old vinyl in your home if you notice a lot of blistering and bubbling.

Damage From Animals

If your property is located in a more rural area, it’s possible that wildlife has made its way inside, and maybe even under, your siding. Your home is a significant source of heat during the winter for birds, squirrels, and field mice. If your property has wood siding or outdated vinyl, replacing it with new vinyl will preserve it from harm.

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