3 Ways to Ditch the Dining Room

Does your home have a formal dining room? Many homes do because they used to be the standard; however, just like formal living rooms, dining rooms are on the way out. Homeowners are starting to realize that it’s just too much square footage to be used only a handful of times a year. Instead, they’re finding ways to repurpose the spaces into rooms that will be used on daily basis. If you’re considering ditching your dining room, here are three functional alternatives from your friends at Tom Madsen LLC.

Repurposing a Formal Dining Room

1. A Playroom

If you have young kids, a playroom might be the perfect way to repurpose your formal dining room. Instead of having toys in your living room, you could have a designated space just for the kids’ toys and give them a fun space that’s all their own. Say goodbye to your dining room table and replace it with a large plush rug and a kid-sized table. We also love the idea of adding some built-in low bookcases to give your kids a place to store their toys, books, and baskets.

2. A Home Office

If you’re like many Americans, your job may be staying remote, and if that is the case, you need a dedicated space to work. So, one of the most practical uses for your former dining room could be a home office. If possible, adding doors to the room will help with privacy, and wall-mounted bookshelves behind your desk will give you a nice professional look for your Zoom calls.

3. A Home Gym

Finally, if working out is your thing but you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, a home gym would be a great addition to your home. We love the idea of enlarging the windows to let in extra light and hanging a pair infinity mirrors to really establish that gym feeling. Add a stationary bike, a treadmill, or even a ballet bar on one wall, then leave space on the floor for a mat to use for stretching or yoga.

When you’re ready to turn your unused dining room into a more functional space, contact the general contractors at Tom Madsen LLC. We serve Sussex, NJ, and the surrounding areas with top-notch general contracting services. For a free estimate on any construction project, contact us today at (973) 875-9716.