Add a Deck to Your New Jersey Home

If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your entertaining space this summer, consider adding a deck to your house! There is just nothing quite like a backyard barbecue in the summertime, and the best way to make your guests feel comfortable is to give them a great space to relax. At Tom Madsen LLC. we have experienced general contractors that can help you construct the perfect deck to give you the summer of your dreams.

Deck Addition

Increase Square Footage

When you install a deck, you are adding usable space to your home without having to erect any new walls, making it an easy way to increase its resale value and overall appeal. In addition, a deck increases your lounging areas and possibly your gardening areas. Whether your family wants to relax and talk the night away or spend mornings exercising that green thumb, the possibilities are endless.

Options to Fit Your Vision

The quality and variety of decking materials are so vast that it fits any budget and any vision. Composite decking is one of the more popular choices because it’s low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. If hardwood is more your scene, be prepared for a bit more maintenance but a bolder look. Redwood ages beautifully, and Douglas Fir can be painted or stained to your desired look.


Finally, another great benefit of installing a deck on your home is the added privacy it provides. With the right railing or fencing, a deck can help define spaces and provide you with more privacy than what you may currently have.

Get a Free Estimate

Decks don’t have to be large to make an impact. If you would like to add a deck to your space, we are here to help make it work. Contact Tom Madsen today at (973) 875-9716 for a free quote on your next home project. We can also tackle sunrooms, basements, and even do fire restoration.