Add Curb Appeal with a New Front Porch

There’s just nothing better than putting up your feet and relaxing with a cold drink on your beautiful front porch. You can enjoy the warming weather, read your favorite book, and watch the kids play in the front yard. What could be better? But wait, you don’t have a front porch! Our team at Tom Madsen LLC knows the romantic draw that a quality front porch can have, and we want to make that a reality in your New Jersey home this spring. Below we’ve listed a few more reasons you might want to consider a front porch addition this spring.

Front Porch Addition

Curb Appeal

Perhaps the most obvious reason to build a front porch is the curb appeal value you’ll be adding to your home. An impressive front entry is a critical aspect of curb appeal and that can translate into a higher selling price for your home down the road. The most dramatic transformation happens when your home is “flat-faced” to begin with, and you use a front porch to add depth and interest to the face. Front entryways can be gracefully defined with architectural components that beautifully complement your home’s style.

Protection from the Elements

A front entry with no covering exposes your guests and home to damaging sun and rain. Adding a front porch provides great protection for your front door, hardware, trim, lighting, and even foyer. Your guests will truly appreciate it on a rainy or sunny day. It can even help lower your summer energy bills.

Leisure Time

If you have children or neighbors, nothing beats a covered front porch for entertaining! Building a full front porch creates a wonderful place to socialize, catch up on the latest news, or just relax and enjoy the company. Additionally, an expansive, shady full front porch offers a delightful retreat. Add ceiling fans and comfortable chairs and tables, and you’ve just added a lot more square footage to your home! Building a front porch is like adding on a new, outdoor room – a special place to unwind and watch the rest of the world whirl by.

To get started on a front porch for your New Jersey home, contact Tom Madsen LLC today at (973) 875-9716. We can help you design a front porch that fits your needs and your home’s style. Our general contractors take pride in their work and in providing customers with a front porch they will love for years to come.