Choosing a New Door

Since your front door performs its duty day after day for years and years, it can often get worn down. And since first-time visitors immediately notice and enter through your front door, it’s important for it to be in good shape to make a good impression. If your door is showing signs of wear and tear, maybe it’s time to replace it with a brand-new door installation. In this post, we’ve provided an overview of the materials that are commonly used for front doors.

  • Wood is the most common material for doors. Spanning every type of wood from pine to mahogany, wood doors come in two types: stock-wood doors and solid- wood doors. Stock doors are made from a layer of engineered wood, covered by an outer veneer of another type of wood. If you want a wood door but are on a budget, stock doors are a good option. Solid wood doors, however, are much more expensive, and can cost up to a few thousand dollars. They have thicker panels and more intricate detailing than stock doors. If you’re really looking to make an impressive statement with your front door, ask your general contractor about a solid wood door.
  • Steel is a good material for those who want their doors to be durable and secure. Resistant to warping, cracking and denting, steel doors have an inner frame made of either wood or steel, and are filled with foam insulation. You can get a steel door for the same price as a stock-wood door, or if your home improvement budget can stretch a little, go for one of the higher-end models.
  • Fiberglass-composite doors are perfect for homes in humid or harsh climates. Durable and easily maintainable, these doors are an economical and savvy choice. With an outer shell that looks wooden and a foam insulation interior, these doors will look right at home in any Sussex County home.
  • Aluminum doors are a good choice for those who have an oddly shaped entrance. Custom built for your home, they can be somewhat pricey. Speak with your home builder if you think an aluminum door might be the right choice for your home.

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