Expand Your Square Footage This Spring

Are you aching for more space in your New Jersey home? Perhaps after a long winter, you’re feeling a little boxed in. Well, the good news is that with a little help from our contractors at Tom Madsen LLC, all your too-small home woes can be solved.

Outdoor Living

Adding On

If you have a big enough piece of land, then consider a home addition. Adding on an extra bedroom or a bonus room is a great way to add square footage without having to pack up everything and move. You can work with our contractors to maximize your space and stay within your home-improvement budget.

Finishing Your Basement

The beautiful thing about basement finishing is that it’s square footage that already exists. All you have to do is make it “livable space”, and you can count it toward your home’s real estate. Many people choose to finish their basement as a media or recreational space. However, you may decide that adding another bedroom and bathroom is your best option. The great thing about basement finishing is that you have many options.

Entertaining the Outdoors

You may not be able to count your outdoor living area as square footage for your New Jersey home, but you may find that a deck or patio will make you feel like your space has expanded. If you spend a fair amount of time outdoors or if you want to (but don’t have a great place to do it), then you may want to make plans for an outdoor living area or sunroom.

Getting Started

Want to start making plans to expand your home this spring? Contact our team at Tom Madsen today by calling (973) 875-9716. We’d be glad to meet with you to discuss your options and give you a no-obligation quote on your next home project. Our team is based in Sussex, NJ, and we serve the surrounding cities of both Franklin and Vernon.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay