Fireproofing Your Home

A house fire is an unfortunate event and can be rather traumatizing for any homeowner. While you can’t prevent a freak accident from happening, you can do your best to fireproof your house and cut down on the amount of damage in the event of a house fire.

Even the most conscientious people can find themselves in the midst of a devastating event like finding their house aflame. To coincide with responsible homeowner practices like fireproofing your home, make sure you have an experienced general contractor that is well-versed in fire restoration, like the crew at Tom Madsen.

Here are a few quick tips for fireproofing your home:

Smoke Alarms: Yes, we’re all familiar with smoke alarms. Many people opt to rip the 9-volt out of the alarm as soon as it starts wailing during a smoke-filled cooking mishap. The boisterous beep that the alarm emits, however, could save your life if you keep it in working order. Remember to keep your smoke alarms clean and to change their batteries at least once a year.

Flammable: All flammable liquids (gasoline, naphtha, benzene, etc.) should be stored outside of the house. Keeping these volatile substances in your home would turn a house fire into a guaranteed inferno.

Escape Plan: If you don’t already have an escape plan set up in case of a fire, now is the time to start. Make sure everyone in the house understands the plan and knows exactly what to do if the house goes up in flames. A monthly fire drill is a good way to gauge if everyone remembers the plan. The most important thing to protect in a fire is your family.

The sad thing about house fires is that even if you take all of the proper preventative measures, you can still end up with a great deal of damage. That’s why you need a general contractor you can count on in times of need.

The knowledgeable crew at can help whip your house back into shape and repair damaged siding, porches, windows, and more. If you’re in need of fire restoration, Contact Tom Madsen at (973) 875-9716 immediately. The faster you act on restoring your house after a fire, the easier the restoration will be.