How Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

New Jersey winters are generally fairly mild compared with other states in the U.S. However, winter weather can still affect your home’s roof in some serious ways. At Tom Madsen LLC, we’re the area’s experts in roof problems, and today we’re discussing the most common forms of roof damage that you may experience this cold winter season.

Winter Weather and Its Effects on Your Roof

Water Damage

Water damage can occur any time of year, but it’s especially troublesome in the winter. Freezing rain can seriously damage your roof, and the problem can become even worse if ice builds up in your gutters. Ice buildup can prevent water from draining properly and further damage your roof. Additionally, water damage can occur when your area experiences heavy rains, as water can start to accumulate under your shingles and seep into your home. Just a few inches of water in the wrong place can affect electrical wiring and cause mold growth.

Snow Damage

Even a small amount of snow can cause problems on a New Jersey roof. If your home’s roof is flat or designed in such a way that snow cannot easily fall down the sides, your roof will likely begin to fail. However, it is important to note that removing the snow from your roof often does more harm than good. You should not use a snow shovel on your roof as it can damage your shingles. Likewise, snow melt products and salts shouldn’t be used on your roof as these products can also cause damage to your shingles.

Wind Damage

Finally, wind damage during the winter is a common problem. Blustery winter winds can blow off loose or old roof shingles and leave your roof exposed. This problem is made worse when the winds are accompanied by hail or freezing rain, as the small chunks of ice can further weaken your shingles and allow them to blow away even more easily.

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