Is Your Sunroom Ready for Spring?

Sunrooms were practically invented for beautiful spring weather. They are the perfect place to enjoy the changing of the seasons and appreciate the blooming flowers and warmer weather. However, after a long winter of disuse, your sunroom might not quite be ready for your enjoyment. Consider these tips from your friends at Tom Madsen LLC to get your sunroom ready for spring.

Get Your Sunroom Ready for Spring

Thoroughly Clean the Whole Room

Depending on the type of sunroom you have, you may not use it much in the winter, causing dust and debris to build up. We always recommend a good, deep clean in the spring to get it in top shape for spring and summer use. Use a shop vac to thoroughly vacuum out any debris along the floor and corners of the room, and clean all of the windows to let the sun shine in.

Clean or Replace Window Screens

If you prefer to enjoy your sunroom with the windows open, it’s a good idea to check and clean your screens. After a long, harsh winter, you may find your screens have new holes in them, are dirty, or have come loose. Take all of your screens off their tracks and clean them with a garden hose. For extra dirty screens, you can use a soft brush and bucket of soapy water. And, if you find large holes that cannot be patched or repaired, get them replaced before opening your windows.

Update the Décor

Once your sunroom is clean and your screens are in good working order, you can give the space a little facelift for the new season. Choose simple, yet elegant window treatments that won’t cover the beauty of nature but will provide enough privacy. Hang planters and subtle wall décor to accentuate the natural beauty around you. And update the furniture to provide the perfect place for you and your guests to relax on a warm spring day.

If your sunroom needs more TLC than you’re able to provide or you want to add a new sunroom to your New Jersey home, contact the experts at Tom Madsen LLC today at (973) 875-9716. We offer general contractor services to the entire Sussex, NJ, area and we can’t wait to help you make your sunroom dreams a reality!