New Year, New Siding for Your NJ Home

The winter months in New Jersey can do a number on the exterior siding of your home. Those cold temperatures combined with wind, sun, ice, and everything in between can be pretty brutal. Your home’s siding can only take so many NJ winters before it’s going to need some time and attention. So if you’re thinking about new siding for your home, then contact the general contracting pros at Tom Madsen LLC.

New Siding NJ Home

About Us

Our team at Tom Madsen LLC has been one of the most trusted home-improvement contractors in the Sussex, NJ, area since 1977. Our professional contractors can help you find the right vinyl-siding solution for your home to enhance its curb appeal and to make sure it’s well insulated from future winter weather. In addition to new siding, we also specialize in other exterior and interior home-remodeling services, including roofing, window replacement, basement finishing, room additions, and more.

Siding & Installation

Vinyl siding has a number of benefits for your home, including aesthetics, weather resistance, longevity, and more. Plus, you can choose vinyl siding in a number of different colors and styles at various price points. If you aren’t sure what will look good or want help selecting the right vinyl siding, our team has years of experience with matching the right vinyl siding to a home’s unique style. We can partner with you to not only pick a great siding but also to install it professionally and efficiently. Before you know it, you’ll feel like we’ve taken years off the age of your home, giving it an almost instant update.

Free Quote

At Tom Madsen, we know that choosing to get new siding isn’t cheap, so you shouldn’t have to pay for an estimate. That’s why we offer free quotes. You can contact our staff anytime by calling (973) 875-9716 to get started.