Which Season Is Best for Siding Installation?

Is it time for your New Jersey home to get a facelift and gain more curb appeal? If so, new siding might be the answer. Curb appeal and a new, fresh look are definitely something to look forward to, but more importantly, new siding protects everything underneath it. Old siding isn’t just an eyesore – it’s also not protecting your home the way it should. Since 1977, Tom Madsen LLC has excelled as one of the most trusted siding contractors in Sussex, NJ, and today we are discussing which season is best for siding installation.

Which Season Is Best for Siding Installation?

Winter Installation

You may think that exterior home improvement projects can’t be done in the winter. However, there are some definite benefits to having your siding installed in the winter. First, your contractor likely will be much less busy, so you should have no trouble finding a convenient time for the project. Additionally, your kids will be busy with school and sports, so having a major project underway won’t disrupt their lives too much. Finally, with exterior projects, your landscaping is often negatively affected; however, in the winter, everything is dormant so you won’t have that worry.

Summer Installation

Summer is also a slower time for contractors because homeowners are generally too busy to think about home improvement. Therefore, you’ll likely get a convenient time and possibly a lower rate. Summer storms can sometimes delay your project; however, when it does get hot, siding installers know to tackle parts of the house that are in the shade first and move with the sun to avoid exposure.

Fall and Spring Installation

Moderate spring and fall temperatures are the most optimal for installing vinyl siding. Vinyl is sensitive to extreme temperatures. It will expand in the extreme heat and contract in the frigid cold, which can compromise the installation and overall life of the product. Therefore, spring and fall are your best choice. However, if that doesn’t work with your schedule, finding a milder day in the winter or summer is a great option as well.

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