3 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

You’ve been planning a big construction project on your New Jersey home for months. You know how you’d like it to turn out, you know how long you’d like for it to take, and with all the DIY blogs and YouTube tutorials out there, you think you just might be able to pull this off yourself. However, before you break out the power tools, our team at Tom Madsen LLC has put together a list of reasons why hiring a general contractor might be in your best interest in the long run.

3 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

1. Save Time

Unless your project will be completed entirely indoors, bad weather may damage your construction schedule. However, an experienced general contractor knows how to prevent costly downtime. Your contractor is responsible for handling the timing and scheduling for subcontractors on-site, to ensure that the project keeps moving toward on-time completion – regardless of setbacks. He will promptly resolve any problems that may come up, making sure that the construction continues to run smoothly, which can save weeks or months on your project.

2. Save Money

A general contractor has the experience and knowledge to do the job the right way, without having to spend extra money redoing things that went wrong. Also, a general contractor has the option to buy materials in bulk, so you will have materials that are of the highest quality at a lower cost. And a construction job that is of quality, overseen by your general contractor, has the potential to increase your overall property value.

3. Stay Up to Code

A contractor must be licensed by a state board before starting to work legally. The state board ensures that the contractor is following all the rules and regulations applicable to your area. Your contractor has liability insurance and compensation for workers in case an accident happens and someone gets hurt on the job. You can rest assured knowing that the work they are doing will pass inspections down the line.

Before you begin your home addition, basement finishing, or roofing project, consider hiring Tom Madsen LLC as your general contractor. Our team will gladly answer your questions and give you a free consultation and estimate on your next home remodeling project. Contact us today at (973) 875-9716 to get started.