3 Benefits of Replacement Windows

Your good-old wood windows have seen better days. While they may tell the tale of years gone by, old window charm just doesn’t outweigh the home improvement benefits of replacement windows. Allow the replacement window contractors at Tom Madsen LLC give you three reasons to consider new windows.

1. Lower utility bills.

No one likes getting the bill for heating or cooling his or her home during New Jersey’s temperature extremes. However, energy experts agree that properly installed and energy-efficient replacement windows can help reduce your monthly utility bills. The gist is that newer windows are designed for maximum efficiency, and when properly installed by a general contractor, a new window is a good home-improvement investment.

2. Easier to clean.

The changing seasons tend to leave behind not-so-pleasant reminders of their presence on your windows. However, cleaning windows on both the inside and outside can be difficult—especially when you’re struggling just to open that old wooden beast. Let’s not even get started on climbing ladders and wrangling power washers! To avoid all that hassle, tell your general contractor helping you with your window replacement that you want windows that are easy to clean from the inside.

3. Increased property value.

Each year, Remodeling publishes a home improvement cost vs. value report. According to their 2014 research on window replacement, you can recoup about 79% of the cost of replacing wood windows. So when you’re considering what home improvements to invest in, you may want to consider whether replacement windows should be on your list.

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