4 Great Reasons to Add a Sunroom

Summertime in New Jersey can be brutal. The sun beats down hard, sometimes to the point that it feels exhausting just to go outside. However, you also don’t want to spend all your time cooped up inside, huddled next to the air conditioner. Our team at Tom Madsen is here to offer a perfect solution, a sunroom. By adding a sunroom, you’ll be providing yourself with a space that gets you out in the fresh air, while still staying shaded and close to your fan. There are a number of great reasons to add a sunroom; below are just a few.

Sunroom Addition

1. Added Resale Value

Our favorite reason to add a sunroom is the value it brings to your home. Potential buyers love “bonus” spaces, and a nicely done sunroom can be just the feature to help your home stand out above the rest. By adding a sunroom, you can enjoy it now with your family, and then reap the financial rewards down the road.

2. A Place to Relax

A sunroom is the perfect place to relax. Picture yourself enjoying your morning coffee and watching the sun rise through your large windows. Or, if you’re more of a night owl, enjoying a cold beverage after a long day while the sun sets around you. Outfit your sunroom with a big comfy chair and a side table, and feel your troubles melt away.

3. A Breakfast Nook

If your mornings aren’t quite slow enough to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, furnish your sunroom with a breakfast table and invite the whole family to enjoy the sun. Eating breakfast in the sunlight is an excellent way to welcome the day and charge up for all of your daily tasks.

4. Indoor Gardening

Maybe gardening is your thing, but being outside in the dirt while your neck gets sunburned is not. Instead of battling the elements, take your plants inside your sunroom! Potted plants will fit right into your sunroom and because it’s attached to your house, you’ll have easy access to ensure that you’re able to maintain your flora.

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