5 Questions to Ask a General Contractor

When you’re getting ready to tackle a home addition or basement finishing, you want to hire a general contractor you can trust. You’re investing a large sum of money into your New Jersey home, and you want the job done right and on time. So in your process of hiring a contractor, we at Tom Madsen LLC encourages you to ask these important questions.

1. What are your credentials or qualifications?

Your friend’s Uncle Joe may be great at DIY projects, but that doesn’t mean he is a general contractor who understands local building codes as well as superior workmanship. Be sure to get the home-improvement professional’s credentials and affiliations prior to entering into a contract.

2. Do you have examples of past work?

You want to have physical examples—whether a tour of a local home or detailed photos—that represent a sampling of the general contractor’s work. These examples can give you a feel for the workmanship and design style with which he or she is experienced.

3. Does your work estimate include labor and materials?

Each construction company handles its billing a little bit differently. Ask questions so you can get a good handle on how the general contractor charges for materials as well as for labor. You don’t want to be surprised by extra labor charges when the job takes longer than anticipated.

4. What is your typical timeline for this type of project?

Every home remodeling project is unique, and while a general contractor may not be able to give you exact days or hours, he or she should be able to give a rough estimate on how long a home addition, basement finishing, or roofing project typically takes, barring complications.

5. Do you do all the work yourself or do you contract it out?

Some general contractors may pay other home improvement professionals to complete certain aspects of the project, such as the home wiring or plumbing. You want to know who will be working in your home, so be sure to ask about the contractor’s team.

In your search for the right New Jersey contractor, be sure to include Tom Madsen LLC in your search. Our team will gladly answer your questions and give you a free consultation and estimate on your next home-remodeling project. We proudly serve homeowners in and around Sussex, Franklin, and Vernon. Contact us today at (973) 875-9716 to get started.