Choosing the Right Front Door for Your Home

When choosing a new front door, homeowners are typically looking to make their entryway more aesthetically pleasing. A new front door can increase curb appeal, protect your entryway from the outdoor elements, and keep your family safely locked inside. When searching for a new look, the experts at Tom Madsen, LLC can help you choose the right front door that is perfect for your home.

Choosing a New Front Door


Wood doors are your best option for a customized front entryway. They can be specially built according to your personal tastes and decorative style. They can be painted or stained any hue or color you choose. One of the disadvantages of wood doors is their high-maintenance nature. Over time, wood can warp and discolor due to the harsh weather or access to the outdoor elements. They also require new paint or stain every few years.


Steel doors are another option when it comes to purchasing a new door for your front entryway. This product includes insulated foam, which offers more protection against the elements than wood doors. Although steel doors cannot be customized like wood doors, they do come with a variety of design options, such as decorative panels and glass inserts. When damaged or dented, steel doors are more difficult to repair. For example, with damage such as large dents, visible holes, or extensive scratches, the entire door would need to be replaced.


Fiberglass doors are quickly becoming the most popular options among front door products. They are more durable than wood doors, as they are not as easily damaged or dented. Unlike steel doors, they are not prone to rust or easily damaged. Fiberglass doors are also insulated so they add extra protection against the harsh weather. Although they do typically cost more than wood doors, they help keep monthly utility costs low, making the investment worthwhile.

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