Holiday Home Repair

As the holidays draw near, planning family gatherings and celebrations with friends may trigger a sudden response known as home repair panic. If you’re hosting a holiday event in your home, those little handyman projects you’ve put off during the year quickly take center stage. But don’t feel overwhelmed; you still have enough time to tackle the most important repairs before the guests come over.

You may have several home improvement projects that need to be completed. For now, make a list prioritizing the projects that you need to complete first. Choosing a few select projects will be easier on your budget and will make it easier for your home improvement professional to work you into their schedule.

We’ve listed some ways that you can target certain areas of your home:

  • Main Floor Only: If you have a two-story home and your party guests will only be using the main level, concentrate only on that floor. Look for easy cosmetic repairs such as repainting the foyer walls, updating an old light fixture, and replacing that door knob that always sticks.
  • Bathrooms and Guest Rooms: If your family members are staying with you for a few days over the holidays, take a look around the guest rooms and bathrooms they’ll be using. Consider replacing or sealing around the guest bedroom’s drafty window and finally cleaning out the guest bathroom’s slow drains.
  • Go All Out on One Item: If you’ve been waiting for years to replace your living room carpet or re-do the fireplace hearth, now is the perfect time to do it, since repairing or replacing a large item makes an immediate impact and can also make small unfinished projects less noticeable. You can think of it as an early holiday gift to yourself!

There’s still time to get a few things done before your guests start arriving. Get started now by calling Tom Madsen LLC. Our home builders and general contractors are ready to complete all of your home improvement projects in Sussex, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (973) 875-9716 for more information and to receive a free estimate.