Replace Your Windows and Save

Responsible homeowners are those who keep a close eye on their budgets. It’s important to pay attention to your utility bills, so you will be aware if one or more of them shows a significant spike. If your energy bill is becoming alarming, the culprit could be your old, inefficient windows. At Tom Madsen, LLC., we know that it’s hard to find room in your budget for the initial cost of replacement windows. However, let us give you a few reasons why the benefits will outweigh the price tag.

Replacement Windows

1. You’ve Exhausted All Your DIY Options

There are several things you can do to keep the summer heat out of your home. You can use weather strips around your windows, keep your curtains closed during the day, and avoid using the oven, but your AC still won’t be able to do its job if your windows are letting the hot air in and the cold air out. New, energy-efficient windows are a surefire way to lower heating and cooling bills.

2. They Will Pay for Themselves

While it’s true that replacement windows have a large, upfront cost, they eventually will pay for themselves in lower utility bills. In fact, reports that homeowners can experience a 12% decrease in utility bills on average, just by replacing windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows.

3. You May Be Eligible for Rebates or Tax Credits

Many New Jersey homeowners don’t realize that they may be eligible for getting some money back after replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones. In fact, many communities have local rebate programs, and you may also qualify for federal tax credits for getting new windows. To find out what’s available in your area, ask your utilities provider about money-saving programs.

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