Tips for Finishing Your Basement

Is your home perfect for your family in almost every way? You’ve formed memories there, you love your location and your neighbors, and your kids love their rooms, but something is missing. That something might be located beneath your feet right now in the form of your unfinished basement. If you love your family home but you’re growing out of it, now is the time to finish your basement and start using that space for your benefit. Our team at Tom Madsen LLC has put together a list of tips to consider to help you get on your way towards more usable square footage.

Finished Basement

Moisture Control

Before you can start construction on your basement, it’s important to test for moisture to see if the basement needs dehumidifying. You want to make sure any water drains properly down the roof and away from your home’s foundation. Check out these issues before you have any drywall or flooring installed to help prevent unwelcome surprises down the road.

Mechanical Systems

When designing your basement remodel, work alongside one of our experienced general contractors so you can plan around your plumbing, ductwork, wiring, and gas lines. These elements can be concealed by adding drop ceilings or even building a separate room around larger systems like furnaces and water heaters.

Windows and Doors

If you plan on using a room in your basement for a bedroom, check local building codes to see if a window is required. Basement windows and doors allow for natural light and ventilation, making this a more pleasant living space.


If windows aren’t an option, good illumination helps to make a basement more inviting for guests and less like a dungeon. Placing light fixtures along the perimeter of the room is a design trick that makes a space appear much larger.


Instead of going househunting to find more space, finish your basement to continue building memories in the home you already love. For your free quote, call (973) 875-9716 to reach us at our office in Sussex, NJ. In addition to basement remodeling, we also offer fire restoration, sunrooms, decks and patios, and exterior home improvement work.