4 Reasons to Add a Deck to Your NJ Home

Barbecues on the Fourth of July. Summer evenings relaxing outside, enjoying the stars. Summer is a great time of the year to spend as much time as you can outdoors. If your New Jersey home doesn’t have a designated outdoor living space, consider adding a deck! Here are a few reasons why we at Tom Madsen LLC think you should consider hiring a deck builder this summer.


1. Create a space to gather.

The warmer New Jersey months are meant for picnics with friends or family gatherings. It’s nice to have a designated space where everyone can come together, enjoy the sunshine, and even watch the kids play.

2. Increase usable space in your home.

No matter the size of your home, a deck can help you feel like you’re adding square footage (even if it’s technically not a home addition). Add some great outdoor living furniture and plants, and you’ll feel like you have another living room.

3. Grab some sunshine.

A deck can provide a private space for you to lay out in the sun without feeling like you’re on display for the neighbors. Or, you may just want to go outside in the morning to warm up and drink that first cup of coffee.

4. Spend more time outdoors.

Whether you’re a bona fide outdoorsman or just like to be outside on occasion, being outside is good for your mental and emotional health. A deck can help you add to the time you spend outside.

To get started on a deck for your NJ home, contact deck builder Tom Madsen LLC today at (973) 875-9716. We can help you design a deck that fits your needs and your home’s style. Our general contractors take pride in their work and in providing customers with a deck they will love for years to come.

photo credit: party chairs via photopin (license)