How to Avoid a Christmas Tree Fire

A house fire is always a tragedy, but it’s even more tragic around Christmas. Christmas trees have been known to ignite if not properly tended to. Fire restoration is the last holiday expense you’d want to hit your wallet. Follow these tips from the team at Tom Madsen LLC to keep your home and family safe.

How to Avoid a Christmas Tree Fire

Keep the Tree Watered

The key is constant moisture since a dried-out Christmas tree inside a house is a tragedy waiting to happen. According to the NFPA, a dry tree can burn more quickly than a newspaper. A real tree should always have access to water, according to experts, to keep it continuously hydrated. One gallon of water can be consumed every day by a medium- to large-sized Christmas tree.

Place the Tree Away from the Heat

According to the NFPA, make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source, including fireplaces, radiators, and heat vents. Additionally, experts advise against ever using burning candles to adorn a tree.

Shake the Tree

Shake your Christmas tree vigorously. If you notice that the tree’s needles frequently fall to the ground, the tree may not be receiving enough water, which increases the chance of a fire.

Examine the Lights

It’s crucial to verify the lights you use to decorate the tree are safe because defective lights might set a tree on fire. The NFPA advises utilizing lights that have been certified by an accredited testing facility and being aware that some lights are only intended for use outdoors. Inspect the lights and look for any frayed wires, broken bulbs, or loose connections. The lights should be replaced if you notice any evidence of deterioration or wear.

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