3 Basic Steps to a Complete Fire Restoration Process

When your family experiences a house fire of any kind, it can be a very distressing time. Knowing that your home is in safe and confident hands makes the entire restoration process as straightforward and unproblematic as possible. The professionals at Tom Madsen LLC, want nothing more than to help you understand the entire procedure from start to finish. A brief snapshot of how it all works is explained below.

3 Basic Steps to a Complete Fire Restoration Process


Assess the Damage

The fire restoration process begins by determining the amount of damage inside your home. Damage can be caused by the fire itself, lingering smoke, and the water used to extinguish it. Photos are taken of the destruction to help document the complete process for your insurance company. Lastly, each room of the home is tested for soot and smoke damage through a dry chemical cleaning method.

Meet with the Homeowners

Once all damage has been assessed and documented, the fire restoration professionals meet with you to review the damage, the cleaning process, and any construction that must take place. During this time, an inventory is also taken of any items in the home that can be saved or reused.

Begin Clean-up and Construction

Clean-up needs to begin immediately to reduce the amount of wear and tear from the settling soot and water. A professional restoration company will use highly effective cleaning compounds. The cleaning methods, along with the products, thoroughly and deeply clean all stained and impaired surfaces. If construction needs to take place, your home may need the services of both a fire restoration company and a general contractor. Tom Madsen can provide both services, making it faster for you to get back into your home.

Fire restoration is much more involved than what is explained above. Depending on your unique situation, there may be less or more clean-up and construction than what you are expecting. For more questions on how our expert team can help you during a time of crises, contact our office at (973) 875-9716.


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